Sherman Township


Garbage Collection

Collection day is Monday, starting at 6:30 a.m.  For Monday holidays, pickup will be on Tuesday.  If garbage is NOT picked up due to road conditions for 2 weeks, call GFL Customer Service at (989) 588-6000 for pick up.  GFL has agreed to pick it up the next day but they must be contacted.

If using a rolling type container, please limit the size to 35 gallons.  Place glass or sharp objects in a secure container and CLEARLY LABEL contents to avoid injuries to those handling the trash.  Animal waste, car parts, oil, antifreeze, hazardous waste, hot ashes, liquids, paint cans, shingles, tires and yard waste WILL NOT BE PICKED UP. Also, garbage must be placed in garbage bags within the garbage container. If you have any questions, such as large item pickup, please contact GFL Service at (989) 588-6000.