Sherman Township


Assessing Information

Whether you are a first-time homeowner or someone looking for a vacation home, the property tax system in the State of Michigan can make a significant impact on a household budget. Many times, property taxes can radically increase following the transfer in ownership or even decrease due to the property becoming a full-time residence.

Tax amounts can vary greatly from one property to the next so it is best to contact the local unit assessor to find out how your taxes are computed and to see of you qualify for the Principal Residence Exemption. The Principle Residence Exemption allows taxpayers who both own and occupy a homestead to be exempt from up to 18 mills of school tax.

For assessment related inquiries including: questions about record cards or other assessment information, to request an in-person meeting with the assessor, to schedule an appointment with the Board of Review, or to request a copy of a record card please contact the assessor, Corey Cuddie at 989-426-0546 or email  Phone calls and emails will be answered in 3 business days whenever possible.

The State of Michigan website,, is also a good tool to use for researching the various laws pertaining to property taxes and for finding the contact information to the Department of Treasury and the Michigan Tax Tribunal.